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Counting in the equivalent of seconds in a minute

In relation to mortgages, financial papers, you often encounter percentage points.  If you, like I, am a crunch the numbers persons, please let me share with you this tip for entering percentages into your calculator.
What does $3,000,000. look like?  I tried to visualize the volume of space.  I concluded that it would take approximate 200 cases of paper, containing $100.00 bills in tight stacks.
Cooking Measurements
Cup        Fluid Ounces         Tablespoon         Teaspoon       Milliliter
1 c.         8 oz.                       16 Tbsp.             48 tsp.             237 ml.
3/4 c.      6 oz.                       12 Tbsp.             36 tsp.             177 ml.
2/3 c.      5 oz.                       11 Tbsp.             32 tsp.             158 ml.
1/2 c.      4 oz.                       8 Tbsp.               24 tsp.             118 ml.
1/3 c.      3 oz.                       5 Tbsp.               16 tsp.             79 ml.
1/4 c.      2 oz.                       4 Tbsp.               12 tsp.             59 ml.
1/8 c.      1 oz.                       2 Tbsp.               6 tsp.               30 ml.
1/16 c.    .8 oz.                      1 Tbsp.               3 tsp.               15 ml.


Making Glue:
When I was in grade school, the glue we used tasted so good, golden colored, how many remember?  Then came Elmers & others.
While researching Indian Artifacts, I learned that one could take the hoofs of the animals they ate, and cook them for three days, the foam that rises becomes glue (geletin).  When applied and dried properly, lasts forever, like thousands of years.
This is a lot of trouble, and some people are not hunters. 
I suggest you purchase a package of non flavored geletin, add little warm water.  When properly applied and dried, lasts hundreds of years.

Making Lye:
Collect ashes from fire pit.  Place in container with very slow drip.  Allow water to penetrate ashes very slowly over time.  The collection is concentrated Lye.  Ashes will also disolve fecal matter (outhouses).  Be sure to use glass or metal.  Lye is like an acid that will disolve most things.