Agate, Carnelian, Jasper, Fossils, Crystals in many specimens.  Chalcedony at it's finest!
Rocks for your collection:
Welcome to the GREEN ART ROCKS fabulous rock shop.  Exceptional, because many of the specimens are the favorite pieces of a number of Rock Hound collectors. 
Rock Hound Tip of the Month:  To polish rocks, without enough money to purchase a grinder, try this simple idea.  Get a small piece of plate glass.  Scrap works great, because 10" x 10" is big enough.  Get a a plastic tray to hold the plate glass, grit, and water or oil.  From Ebersole's, or another Lapidary supplier, purchase grit, 220, 400, 600.  While you watch TV, or chat, you can work the stone quite effectively, by making small circles on the surface.  Finish about a stone per evening.  You will use mineral oil with agates, and water with all other stones.  Two sets, one for water, one for oil, is a clean up time saver.  
Another idea is to purchase at "Harbor Freight" a four side block knife sharpener.  About $10.00.  Each side has graduated grit.  Be sure to keep your specimen wet.
One of my fellow Wichita Gem and Mineral Society members Larry Skelton USGS, tells a story of while in the Army, as a young adult, he would just use sand to shape and polish agates.  Larry shares the knowledge of experience, "takes a long time."  Works Great!

Embrace this Opportunity to treat your Optical Microcondria by enlarging specimens to visually appreciate the minute details of nature.          Green Art So-o- Rocks!

John Vann Luther Collection

Debby Moore Collection:   
2012 New Additions: Meteorite - Brenham, Kentucky Coral 1, 2, Malachite (velvet) - Africa, Mookite Jasper - Australia
TC Wentling Collection: Nothing posted

If you discover a specimen you would like to acquire, note the number of the agate, make an offer (bid), by sending  e-mail to:  Some rocks are very valuable, but nothing has monetary value, unless you have a buyer.  Also willing to trade

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