Green Art Rocks
I love all kinds of rocks.  I put rocks on my fingers, my toes, my ears.  Some humans put them on their nose, their belly button.  Cool people wear rocks around their neck, their wrist, their ankles.  I have them hanging from the curtains, my lamp shades, in the aquarium, decorating the soil of my house plants, and as beautiful stepping stones in my herb garden. 

Most of all, I just love to reward my visual macro mitochondria, with the art of nature.

Artist & Entrepreneur, Debby Moore AKA Hemp Lady, CEO, Green Art Rocks, Webmaster

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Rocks, Semi Precious Gems, Agates, Jasper, Carnelian        One of more than
                  1,000 pictures of agates, fossils
browse a tremendous selection of gems, carnelian, jasper, crystals, fossil, agate, prehistoric tools, mineral crystals in their matrix, provided by happy, fellow rock-hounders. 

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Les Balm, Cannabis Based, Anti-Microbal, food for your skin.  Flowers, herbs, mushrooms, & prescious oils, Restoring & Repairing skin on the micro-cellular level. 

Lacquer Box Art by Debby             Collage Lacquer Boxes,
                            multiple sizes and shapes. Artist Debby
                            Moore, considers this talent, one of he most
                            favorite to perform.                                       

Designer Clothing
by Debby
Jewelry  -  Trinkets  -  Bags   by Debby         Love Beads created from glass beads of 1920's.
              Usually worn several at a time, male or female. Strands
              vary by a couple of inches for interest.

Rare 1950's African American Art Collection
Woman Face wall decor by Ross. 1950's
              Afro/American Collection          Art produced in 1940's, part of excellent
              Afro/American Collection          Queen & King in gilt gold. Included in
              excellent 1950's Afro/American Collection

Tips on Food and Health          Sprouting Seeds - Complete instructions on
                  growing fresh food, consumed ever 5 days.
          Hemp Nuts Nutritional Value

Tips on Financial Equations & Natural products that save you money

Games & Toys carbon footprint free      Measures 11" x 9", disassembles to
                  store in manilla envelope. Excellent game for
                  grandparents to play with children of all ages. If you
                  are loaded (ha ha) difficult to play...lots of
                  laughs.  These toys were hand made by Debby Moore AKA Hemp Lady

Entrepreneurial Artist

Stewards of planet Earth, spreading the Hempy good word!                                                                     Respected Hemp
                Activists, restoring dignity & honor to the Cannabis
                Hemp plant. Debby wispers into Willie's ear as Jeff
                takes shot. "Think it's time to load a bowl and
                rock and roll". Willie responded: "You got
                that one right!"         
My passion:  To restore dignity & Honor to the Cannabis Sativa l. Hemp plant.

Rick Simpson formula for curing Cancer with oil from Cannabis Sativa l. Hemp plant.

Video- Run for the Cure, Curing Cancer with Hemp Oil - Free -  Cannabis Corner Internet Radio Tuesday 8:00 pm CST    Host Debby Moore, Cannabis Corner, Tuesdays 8:00
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Green Art Rocks Tip:  Hate Flies?  Take sandwich baggie, place inside: an inch of water, a penny in each corner, close, hang where you don't want flies to be.  (This really works, sometimes you need several.  I have eight hanging in a large farm garage.) 
My family loves rocks. Every vacation as a child, was not complete until there was no more room in the floor board for our feet. Many people fondly remember those family events.   I have joined my local rock club.    -  (A picture of my 2010 Show Exhibit), Now I am learning how to make even more things with my rocks.
  Rockhounds are such helpful and sharing people.  I hope you  Wichita Gem & Mineral Society        visit a Rock Show Soon.

Art for sale

For sale: CD's of rocks, photographed in 1200 dpi - great for printing and framing. 20 different CD's - Makes a great screen saver. $10.00 eachUse CD's to shop for rocks for your collection, or to make jewelry, beautify your aquarium.


Helping Hand Project:   open invitation to artist, and collectors, to exhibit their objects here, on this

Ecoboutiquo Studio, Lawrence, Kansas 785-865-4267
Loni Hosking, A Kansas State University, graduate, has a "Ecoboutiquo"FACEBOOK Page
Loni Hosking -  designs Rad-chic clothes by recycling used treasures.                           
Google  -  Loni Hosking, she Invented the logo "Dress Like A Rock Star"              
Loni Hosking has devoted her life toward teaching others the tremendous value of recycling.

This site is under construction, please come back soon.  Posted September 18, 2015

I'm addicted to a number of things:  Oxygen, Water, Food, My Children, & Exceptional Art.